About Wohlers Associates

Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, is a 36-year-old consulting firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado and Washington, DC.

About Wohlers Associates

The company is recognized worldwide as an objective source for technical and strategic consulting on new developments and trends in additive manufacturing. Wohlers Associates:

  • Creates industry-leading market intelligence on additive manufacturing
  • Helps companies identify opportunities for mergers and acquisitions
  • Provides advice on product positioning and competitive issues

Past clients have included 280 organizations in 27 countries. Wohlers Associates has provided advice to nearly 200 additional companies in the investment community.

Consulting projects involve:

  • On-site or virtual meetings with client companies
  • Researching of new processes and technologies
  • Presenting written and oral reports

The company helps coordinate and review results of experiments that test product development and additive manufacturing.

Wohlers Associates:

  • Presents at leading industry events
  • Generates industry reports, including the Wohlers Report
  • Authors articles for trade journals
  • Contributes to industry associations

Key personnel attend conferences and frequently visit organizations around the world.

The Team

Wohlers Associates’ mission is to help organizations take advantage of processes and strategies that enhance product development and manufacturing.

Terry Wohlers
Head of Advisory Services & Market Intelligence
Shane Collins
Technical Fellow, Metal Additive Manufacturing
Brent Stucker, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Strategist
Christian Seidel, Professor Dr.-Ing.
Strategic Implementation Consultant
Olaf Diegel
Technical Fellow, Design for Additive Manufacturing
Joseph Kowen
Associate Consultant
Duann Scott
Design and Application Consultant
Ray Huff
Ray Huff
Associate Engineer
Ian Campbell
Associate Consultant
Stephan Mansour
Additive Construction Specialist
Amit Chatterjee
Technical Fellow, Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace
Mahdi Jamshid
Senior Lead - Market Intelligence
Clare Scott
Content Development & Client Support
Broader Team
ASTM International
Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Worldwide Recognition

Wohlers Associates is recognized worldwide as a leading source of information on additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The company has conducted live interviews with Al Jazeera, BBC Radio, CNBC, CNN, Forbes, NPR and others.

For 27 years, the company has published the Wohlers Report, the industry-leading report on additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The publication provides a worldwide review and analysis of the industry. Wohlers Report 2022 includes expert contributions written by 93 individuals and data from 412 organizations worldwide.

Who are the clients?

Wohlers Associates has assisted manufacturing organizations of various sizes from a wide range of industries. While the makeup of client organizations differs, their needs are often similar. Most clients seek help in making important choices associated with the methods used for rapid product development and additive manufacturing. Wohlers Associates advises clients on strategic decisions that can have a long-term impact on their organization.

Wohlers Associates places the highest degree of importance on honesty, integrity, and satisfaction, and seeks to exceed expectations. All clients are references.

Learn more about ASTM and AM CoE

ASTM unites with the Wohlers brand to build on its market influence and access to top AM industry decision-makers worldwide.

  • Establish standards, certification, and qualification for repeatable, consistent parts and processes
  • Prevent gaps and duplication of work in a dynamic, fast-paced technology space
  • Identify challenges that can be solved with technological improvement

Research and Development

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Education and Workforce Development

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