Additive Manufacturing Service Providers

The following additive manufacturing (AM) service providers contributed data and insight for use in Wohlers Report 2023. These companies are among the power users in the AM community, and their experiences are highly valued. For more information on service providers, see Wohlers Report 2023, an annual worldwide report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.

+90 Turkey
3D MetPrint Sweden
3D Musketeers U.S.
3DnA Italy
3D Product Development India
3DChimera U.S.
3Dit Saudi Arabia
3D-LABS Germany
The 3D Printing Store U.S.
3Faktur Germany
4C Engineering Turkey
Addema Sweden
Additive Engineering Solutions U.S.
Addman Engineering U.S.
AdvancedTek U.S.
Advantage Prototype Systems U.S.
Agile Manufacturing Canada
Akhani 3D South Africa
AM Korea South Korea
American Additive Manufacturing U.S.
AML Technologies Australia
Any-Shape Belgium
Applied Rapid Technologies U.S.
Aran R&D Israel
Aristo-Cast U.S.
Arptech Australia
ARRK Europe UK
Avid Product Development U.S.
Bastech U.S.
Bermark Design Thailand
Bond3D Netherlands
CA Models UK
Caracol Italy
Cerhum Belgium
CIRP Germany
Creabis Germany
CRP Technology Italy
CUT CRPM South Africa
Currant 3D U.S.
Custom Prototypes Canada
CY3D Printing U.S.
Damvig (Prototal) Denmark
Davinci Denmark
Delray Systems U.S.
DI Labs U.S.
Dignita-Can Tech Taiwan
DPW Dependable Pattern Works U.S.
DT2 New Concept Portugal
EBK-Hungary Hungary
Ecoparts Switzerland
Enesty Germany
EPIK Belgium
FI Innovations New Zealand
FIT Germany
Fixie UK
Fuchshofer Advanced Manufacturing Austria
GF Precicast Additive Switzerland
GoProto U.S.
Humtown Products U.S.
Idonial Spain
Imaginarium India
Ineo Spain
Innomia Czech Republic
Industrial Plastic Fabrications UK
Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing U.S.
Lasertech Sweden
LaserTeck Germany
LEP 3D Printing New Zealand
Laser Prototypes Europe UK
MakeLab U.S.
Marco Polo Products India
Materialise Belgium
Mentis 3D South Africa
MET Company Italy
Metal Heart South Africa
Met-l-flo U.S.
Metropolis Design U.S.
Michael Sander Kunststofftechnik Germany
Midwest Prototyping U.S.
Objectify Technologies India
Oerlikon Switzerland
Ci-Esse Italy
Paarts Additive Czech Republic
PLG Global UK
Poligon Muhendislik Turkey
Precision ADM Canada
Print Parts U.S.
PrinterPrezz U.S.
ProM Italy
Proto3000 Canada
ProtoCAM U.S.
ProtoLabs U.S.
ProtoShape Switzerland
Protosys Technologies India
Prototal AB Sweden
Rapid Advanced Manufacturing New Zealand
Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing U.S.
Rapid Prototyping U.S.
RapidMade U.S. Germany
Rauch CNC Germany
Realize U.S.
Robert Hofmann Germany
Solaxis Ingenious Manufacturing Canada
Solidiform U.S.
Spectroplast Switzerland
Speed Part Germany
Spring Italy
Stratnel Technologies India
STS Technical Design U.S.
SuperCraft3D India
The Technology House U.S.
Trideo Brasil
Vertex Manufacturing U.S.

For additional information on service providers, see Wohlers Report 2022an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.


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