Manufacturers and Developers of Additive Systems

The following system manufacturers contributed data and insight for use in Wohlers Report 2024. These companies spearhead the development and proliferation of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. For more information on system manufacturers and developers, see Wohlers Report 2024an annual worldwide report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.

2oneLab Germany
3D4MEC Italy
3DCeram France
3DKG Italy
3DXTECH United States
3ntr Italy
Aconity3D Germany
Additive Industries The Netherlands
Additive Manufacturing Customized Machines (AMCM) Germany
AddUp United States
Aditiv Solutions South Africa
AFS Longyuan China
Alkimat Brasil
Alpha Laser Germany
amace solutions India
AMBOTS United States
AmPro Australia
Apium Additive Technologies Germany
ARBURG Germany
Axtra3D United States
Beijing Tiertime Technology China
Black Buffalo 3D United States
Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF) United States
Brinter Finland
Caracol Italy
CEAD The Netherlands
Chervona Hvilya / xBeam Ukraine
CMET Japan
Compound Dynamics United States
CONCR3DE The Netherlands
Cosine Additive United States
CyBe Construction The Netherlands
Digital Manufacturing Centre United Kingdom
Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) United Kingdom
Domotek Ingeniería Prototipado y Formación Spain
DWS Systems Italy
EasyMFG China
EOS Germany
Eplus3D China
Evolve Additive Solutions United States
Exaddon Switzerland
Fabrisonic United States
Fastform 3D Technology China
Filabot United States
FormAlloy Technologies United States
Formlabs United States
Freemelt Sweden
Fused Form Colombia
Gizmo 3D Printers Australia
Grid Logic United States
Guangzhou Riton Additive Technology China
HAGE3D Austria
HBD China
HP United States
Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies United States
IC3D United States
Impossible Objects United States
Impossible Objects United States
JEOL Japan
JSR Corporation Japan
JuggerBot 3D United States
Largix Tech Israel
Lithoz Austria
LUNOVU Germany
Lynxter France
Massivit Israel
Matsuura Machinery Corporation Japan
Meltio Spain
MetalWorm Turkey
MicroJet Technology Taiwan
Mimaki Engineering Japan
miniFactory Finland
Moso 3D Spain
Multec Germany
MX3D The Netherlands
Nanjing Zhongke Raycham Laser Technology China
Nexa3D United States
NPPower Slovenia
Omni3D Poland
Open Additive (Arctos Group) United States
Pantheon Design Canada
Peopoly Hong Kong
Photocentric United Kingdom
Pollen AM France
Ponticon Germany
Q.big 3D Germany
R3 Printing United States
Rapid Liquid Print United States
Ricoh Japan
RPM Innovations United States
SamyLabs Spain
Schaeffler Aerosint Belgium
Sinterit Poland
SPEE3D Australia
Structo Singapore
Sugino Corp United States
SUN METALON United States
Tethon 3D United States
TPM3D China
Trideo Argentina
TRUMPF Germany
UNIZ Technology United States
UpNano Austria
ValCUN Belgium
VENOX Systems Austria
Vertico The Netherlands
voxeljet Germany
WAAM3D United Kingdom
Wuhan Huake 3D Technology China
Xact Metal United States
ZYYX Labs Sweden

For information on system manufacturers and developers, see Wohlers Report 2024an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.

Wohlers Report 2024

Wohlers Report 2024

Technical, market, and strategic advice on Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Rapid Product Development

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