Report - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the digital version of the report with people in my organization?

The digital version supports a single user only. If two or more people in an organization want to read the report, they must purchase multiple reports. We offer discounts when purchasing multiple copies at one time. Many individuals and organizations choose to purchase both the digital and printed/bound versions as a bundle. The printed/bound version can be loaned or included in a library, but it cannot be copied.

Can I put the report on our library server?

The report PDF is for a single user and cannot be placed on a server or any other multi-user device or system. You can order a print/bound copy of the report here. More information for libraries can be found here.

Can I cite the report?

If you want to use any information or data from the report to present, republish, or share in any form, please request permission. Be specific with your request by including page number(s), item(s) on the page, etc. Normally, we are happy to grant permission to use one or two small pieces of information, but some items are off limits.

Can the digital version of the report be viewed offline?

Yes, we recommend saving the report to your browser. Use the "save to browser" option located in the upper-right area of the document viewer (see the following). You can then read the report when you are not connected to the Internet. If you clear the browser's cache, you will need to save it again if you want to read the report when going offline.

What software do I use to view the digital version?

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF version of the report. To view the web version, use any browser. Be sure to use the same browser when opening the report. Also, use standard windows rather than incognito or private windows.

When will the next edition of the Wohlers Report be published?

In past years, the report has been published in mid-to-late March. We would be happy to notify you when it is released. Let us know of your interest by sending a note to

How much of the Wohlers Report changes from year to year?

Except for historical data, nearly all of the report is new each year. We believe it is important for the report to accurately reflect the current state of the industry and where it is headed.

Can I purchase individual pages or sections of the report?

We do not remove and sell pages or sections of the report. All pages stay together.

May I purchase tabulated data from the report?

The data used to create the charts, graphs, and tables in the report is not available in any other form.

Are discounts available for the report?

Discounts are automatically calculated and shown when purchasing two or more copies of the report at one time using the order form. Purchasing the digital and print/bound versions as a bundle is a popular option due to significant savings.

All our customers enjoy the same low price. The Wohlers Report is a fraction of the price of most other reports on the subject. We believe it offers more depth, breath, detail, and value than others at any price.

Can I purchase an enterprise version of the report?

When purchasing up to 20 digital copies of the report, as well as past editions, please use the order form. If you anticipate more than 20 users of the report at your organization, please contact us with the approximate number and we will provide a quote by email.

Can I put the report on my organization’s server?

The digital version of the report is a single-user license, so it cannot be placed on a server or shared device of any type.

Can I print the digital version of the report?

We do not offer a version that you can print, but you can add a printed/bound version of the Wohlers Report for $295, which many customers purchase.

I am stuck at the loading screen when accessing the report, or I’m seeing a “proxy” error. What do I do?

The PDF needs to reach to authenticate your login. If you are behind a proxy server, you will need to temporarily deactivate it or open your network to on ports 80/443 and Please check with your IT team if you need help. Additional information can be found here.

After accessing the report, consider using the "save to browser" option in the upper right area of the browser. You will then be able to view the report from your device without an Internet connection.