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Wohlers Report 2022

March 19, 2022

Filed under: 3D printing,additive manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 14:37

Creating Wohlers Report 2022 would have been impossible without our team of 93 experts and 250 contributing organizations from around the world. The publication requires months of a coordinated planning and effort among the principal and associate authors, contributors, and many others. A key differentiator of Wohlers Report 2022 is the 27 years of data and relationships used to create the undisputed, industry-leading report.

Securing industry data is one of the most challenging parts of creating the report, but also one of the most rewarding. All data received from organizations is confidential. The only exception is unit sales from system manufacturers. Over the history of creating the Wohlers Report, we have gained a trust from these organizations and they know their data is safe. We spend countless hours with the data better understand the additive manufacturing industry. We also use it to create composite totals and trends that are presented in many charts and graphs.

Another distinguisher ofthe Wohlers Report is the contributions from industry experts. For this year’s edition, we received sections from 85 people from 33 countries. Many focused on their country and what is happening on the ground. Our rule for the entire history of the report has been to be “short on words, but long on information.” The result has been succinct quantitative and qualitative information that cannot be found elsewhere. The contributions provide unparalleled insight from experts in many areas of research, technology development, hands-on practice, business, and government.

The report could not have been created without the fine work from our authors and editors. Ian Campbell coordinated the contributors and collected the most up-to-date information. Olaf Diegel focused mostly on Parts 3 and 4 and helped analyze a mountain of new data. Joseph Kowen collected additional information and insights, part of which was based on his weekly contribution to the Wohlers Weekly intelligence briefing. Ismail Fidan collected new information from academic and research institutions to create what is believed to be the largest collection of activities at these organizations. Technical editor Dave Bourell and proofreader Jenny van Rensburg worked tireless to ensure an interesting, and accurate, error-free report.

A big thank you to everyone that helped make Wohlers Report 2022 a reality. Order your report today.