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Ray Huff

March 6, 2020

Filed under: life — Terry Wohlers @ 18:05

Ray Huff is an extraordinary person and employee. He began work at Wohlers Associates in August 2017 as an intern while completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University. This came after a bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics at the University of California, Los Angles. Interestingly, Ray and I met in Africa at an annual conference conducted by the Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa. We later met in Fort Collins, home to both CSU and our company.

One big reason Ray initially made a favorable impression was his hands-on experience. He grew up designing and making products in his father’s machine shop. He started a business at age 13. Collectively, this set him apart from many others. He also came to the company with CAD skills, software and coding experience, and a strong interest in additive manufacturing. While at CSU, he managed the Idea2Product lab, a facility with 3D printing and scanning capabilities for students and faculty.

Ray has exceeded my expectations in almost every way. He completes tasks and projects with incredible speed and accuracy. If I show him how to do something, he will later show me how it can be done better. He knows how to tackle multiple projects at once and initiates new systems and business processes that improve our company. I wish I could use a copy machine to make more people and employees like him.

Ray turned a year older today, so best wishes to him for a very happy birthday!