Wohlers Specialty Report on Construction

Building an Additive Construction Future

The report details the developments, challenges, successes, and outlook of the growing additive construction industry. 199 market players were identified that are engaged in commercial, pre-commercial, and research activities in the field. Find out who they are, where they are based, which technologies they are using, what materials they are developing, and where the industry is headed.

ISBN 978-1-6220-4964-6

The construction sector is facing several challenges, amplified recently with the onset of the pandemic.  Labor shortages, increased lead times, material availability, and increasing construction demand have the sector resorting to innovation to address these challenges. Increasingly, construction market players are turning to 3D printing technologies.

  • What is 3D Printing for construction, also called Additive Construction?
  • What does the adoption landscape look like?
  • Who are the current market players?
  • What materials are being used and explored?
  • What are the challenges and how are they being addressed?

These questions and more are covered in this publication available in digital format.

The report was created by a team of experts at Wohlers Associates—the same group that produced Wohlers Report 2022, the undisputed, industry-leading report on AM for 27 years.


Part 1: Introduction and industry overview

    • Additive construction
    • The construction industry
    • Challenges in the construction sector
    • An AEC perspective
    • Betting on AC

Part 2: AC market players

    • Global market players by region
      • Europe
      • Asia-Pacific
      • North America
    • Ownership structure of participating organizations
    • Categories of market player
      • Technology providers
      • Positioning technologies
      • Service providers
      • Academic institutions
      • Materials suppliers
      • Architectural and engineering
      • Developers
      • Software companies
    • Key players in AC
      • Apis Cor
      • COBOD International
      • CyBe Construction
      • ICON
      • MX3D
      • Twente Additive Manufacturing
      • Vertico
      • WASP
      • XtreeE

Part 3: Use cases and completed projects

      • PERI Group
      • Holcim
      • Thinking Huts

Part 4: Additive opportunities in construction

      • Complex structures
      • Varied materials
      • Spare parts
      • Element optimization

Part 5: Obstacles and challenges

      • Standards and codes
      • Materials
      • Cost

Part 6: Research and development

      • Performance
      • Sustainable materials

Part 7: The future

      • Enhancing existing operations
      • Investments in AC
      • Printing hub solutions
      • Space-based construction

Part 8: Where is it all headed?

      • The need for AC
      • Applications
      • Platforms and limitations
      • Predicting a path forward
      • Final thoughts


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