Wohlers Report - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share the digital version of the Wohlers Report within my organization?

The digital version is designed to support a single user. Normally, companies will purchase multiple copies of the report when two or more people in the company need to read it. We offer deep discounts when purchasing multiple copies at one time. Some companies will purchase a combination of the digital and printed/bound versions.

Can I cite the Wohlers Report?

If you want to use one or more pieces of information from the report to present, republish, or share in any form, please request permission. Be very specific with your request by including page number(s), item(s) on the page, etc. Normally, we are happy to grant permission to use two pieces of information, but some items are off limits.

Can the digital version of the Wohlers Report be viewed offline?

Yes. Both the PDF and browser-based versions can be read offline. For the browser-based version, we recommend checking the "Keep me logged in" box when logging in. The "save to browser" option in the upper-left area of the document viewer is helpful so that you can read the report indefinitely without repeated Internet verification.

What software do I use to view the digital version?

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF version of the report. To view the web version, use any browser. Be sure to use the same browser when opening the report, and use standard windows rather than incognito or private windows.

When will the next edition of the Wohlers Report be published?

In past years, the Wohlers Report has been released in late Q1 or early Q2. We would be happy to notify you when it is released. Let us know of your interest by sending a note to wa@wohlersassociates.com.

How much of the Wohlers Report changes from year to year?

With the exception of historical data, nearly all of the report is updated from year to year. Often, significant sections of the report are entirely new. We believe it’s important for the report to accurately reflect the current state of the industry and where it is headed.

May I request individual pages of the report?

We do not remove pages from the report. All pages remain together as one document.

May I purchase tabulated data from the Wohlers Report?

Pages from the report, and parts of them, are not available in any other form.

Are discounts available for the Wohlers Report?

All of our customers enjoy the same low price. We have not increased pricing in many years. Also, the Wohlers Report is a fraction of the price of many competing reports. We believe it offers more depth, breath, detail, and value than others at any price. A discount is available when purchasing multiple copies at one time.

Can I purchase an enterprise version of the report?

When purchasing up to 20 digital copies of the Wohlers Report, as well as past editions, please use the order form. If you anticipate more than 20 users of the report at your organization, please let us know the approximate number and we will provide a quote.

Can I put the Wohlers Report up on my organization’s server?

The digital version of the Wohlers Report is a single-user license, so it cannot be placed on a server of any type.

Can I print the digital version of the Wohlers Report?

Due to piracy issues, we had to make some difficult decisions related to printing. Consequently, we do not offer a version that you can print. However, you can add a printed/bound version for $295, which many see as an attractive option and take advantage of it.

I am stuck at the loading screen when accessing the report, or I’m seeing a “proxy” error. What do I do?

The PDF needs to reach protectpdf.com in order to authenticate your login. If you are behind a proxy server, you will need to temporarily deactivate it or open your network to http://protectedpdf.com/ on ports 80/443 and https://api.protectedpdf.com/. Please check with your IT team for assistance. Additional information can be found here.

After accessing the report, consider using the "save to browser" option in the upper right area of the viewer. You will then be able to view the report from your device without an Internet connection.