Wohlers Report

Wohlers Report 2008

State of the Industry
Annual Worldwide Progress Report

Development Team

The following 53 individuals and organizations contributed to Wohlers Report 2008 and served as important sources for information.

Steven Adler A3DM
Mukesh Agarwala 3D Product Development (India)
Hidefumi Aoyama Aspect (Japan)
Paulo Jorge Bártolo Institute Polytechnic of Leiria (Portugal)
Joseph Beaman University of Texas at Austin
Alain Bernard Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France)
David Bourell University of Texas at Austin
Tim Caffrey Seventh Son Creative Services
Ian Campbell Loughborough University (England)
Andy Christensen Medical Modeling Inc.
Rob Connelly FineLine Prototyping
Deon de Beer Central University of Technology, Free State (South Africa)
Dena Braun Alchemy Models
Rachael Dalton-Taggart Ash Bridge Media
Carl Dekker Met-L-Flo Inc.
Mike Durham Accelerated Technologies
Ismail Fidan Tennessee Tech University
Joe Frascati Mydea Technologies
Boris Fritz Northrop Grumman
Ping Fu Geomagic, Inc.
Vito Gervasi Milwaukee School of Engineering
Ian Gibson National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Tim Gornet University of Louisville
Andrzej Grzesiak FhG Institute for Mfg. Eng. & Automation (Germany)
Joan Guasch ASCAMM (Spain)
Tsuneo Hagiwara CMET Inc. (Japan)
Richard Hague Loughborough University (England)
Berndt Holmer IVF Industrial Research and Development Corp. (Sweden)
Neil Hopkinson Loughborough University (England)
Marjorie Adele Ingle University of Texas at El Paso
Luca Iuliano Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Olivier Jay Danish Technological Institute (Denmark)
Troy Jensen Piper Jaffray
Rik Knoppers Promolding (The Netherlands)
Toshihiko Maeda NTT Data Engineering Systems Corp. (Japan)
Frank Medina University of Texas at El Paso
Greg Morris Morris Technologies
Tom Mueller Express Pattern
Randall Newton Ash Bridge Media
Charlie Norton NCP Leasing, Inc.
G.D. Janaki Ram Utah State University
Pete Sayki SICAM
Harold Sears Ford Motor Company
Joel Segal University of Nottingham (England)
Michael Siemer Mydea Technologies
Brent Stucker Utah State University
Gordon Styles Star Prototype (China)
Chris Sutcliffe University of Liverpool (England)
Chris Tuck Loughborough University (England)
Jukka Tuomi Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
Jonas Van Vaerenbergh Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Ryan Wicker University of Texas at El Paso
David Wimpenny De Montfort University (England)

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