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Wohlers Report 1997

Rapid Prototyping & Tooling State of the Industry Year 1997 Annual Worldwide Progress Report






Photographs and Illustrations

Rapid Prototyping & Tooling State of the Industry: 1998 Worldwide Progress Report features 96 pages, includes 27 charts and graphs, 12 tables, and 14 photographs.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Changing industry
    • Tracking new developments
  • Industries being served
    • How RP models are being used
    • Installations by country
  • Development of RP systems
  • Why rapid prototyping?
    • Engineering changes
    • Producing powerful proposals
    • Getting early input from suppliers and tool makers
    • Verifying CAD databases
    • Styling and ergonomic studies
    • Requesting quotes
    • Packaging and shipping
    • Critical-to-function drawings
  • Market growth
    • Secondary market
    • Product sales
    • Revenue from services
    • Service bureau market
    • Other service revenues
  • System unit sales
    • New unit sales leader
    • Systems sold by region in 1996
    • Cumulative systems sold by region
    • Installations by US manufacturers in 1996
    • Systems sold by the Japanese
    • 1996 unit sales by manufacturer
    • Cumulative unit sales by manufacturer
    • Unit sales by vendor and year
  • Growth trends and sales forecasts
    • Unit sales growth percentages
    • Worldwide revenue estimates
    • Annual revenue growth percentages
    • RP growth compared to CNC, machining
    • Billion dollar industry
  • Service bureaus
    • Concentration of SBs
    • Working with SBs
    • SBs are changing
    • Second wave of SBs
    • Mix of RP machines
    • SB survey results
  • Rapid tooling
    • Silicone rubber tooling
    • Direct AIM tooling
    • Epoxy/composite tooling
    • Spray metal tooling
    • Cast kirksite tooling
    • SLS RapidTool
    • 3D Keltool
    • Rapid tooling selection guidelines
  • New developments in rapid tooling
    • Laser Fare
    • 3D Keltool
    • CEMCOM
    • Rapid Dynamics
    • 3DP at MIT
    • LENS technology at Sandia
    • Topographic Shell Fabrication
  • Size of tooling market
  • Material advances
  • Software for RP
    • Bridgeworks and SolidView
    • Brockware
    • MAGICS, CT-Modeller
    • Rapid Prototyping Module (RPM)
    • Rapid Tools
    • StlView
    • Velocity
    • Z-Shifter
  • Concept modelers
    • Genisys
    • Actua 2100
    • Personal Modeler 2100
    • ModelMaker II
    • Z402
    • Cost of 3D printing
    • Reducing the need for prototypes
    • Bottom line
  • System manufacturers
    • 3D Systems
    • Aaroflex
    • BPM Technology
    • Cubital
    • DTM
    • Helisys
    • Sanders Prototype
    • Stratasys
    • Z Corporation
  • RP stock values
  • RP systems in the US
  • RP systems outside the US
  • Europe
    • Disadvantage
    • EOS
  • Japan
    • Growth in Japan
    • Installed base
    • Obstacles to growth
    • Clinging to home-grown software
    • Tooling in Japan
    • High-speed machining
  • Academic programs
    • Focus
    • Challenges, opportunities
  • CAD industry trends
    • CAD software
    • Rhino design software
    • CAD unit installations
    • Hardware and OSs
    • UNIX sites willing to consider Pcs
  • The Internet
  • Medical modeling
    • Skull model of 14-year-old
    • Example models
    • Endoscopy project
  • Reverse engineering
    • How the technology works
    • Laser digitizing systems
    • What works, what doesn’t
    • Other suggestions
    • 3D digitizing systems
  • Where’s it all headed?
    • Risks, land mines
    • Place your bet
    • 8-track tape, audio cassette, and CD
  • The future
    • The challenge of prediction
    • RP system of the future
    • Virtual prototyping
    • Division
    • Muse
    • Future applications
  • Summary and conclusions
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the author
  • Where to learn more
    • Internet mail list
    • RPA/SME
  • Copyright and trademarks
  • Appendix A: RP system manufacturer addresses
    • United States
    • Israel and Europe
    • Japan
  • Appendix B: RP software company addresses

What Others are Saying

“Very easy to read. It gave me just what I was looking for.”
Douglas Freitag, Bayside Materials Technology

“Whether one is thinking of purchasing an RP device, checking into the sales of a particular company for investment purposes, or just desiring more information, Wohlers’ report delivers at every level.”
Joe Greco, Desktop Engineering Magazine

“It is very comprehensive, well organized, and well written. We will be pouring over the details for some time to come.”
Mike Rynerson, ExtrudeHone

“The section on rapid tooling is particularly interesting. Wohlers systematically looks at all the competing technologies on the market today and provides detailed information on how to best apply each of them.”
Engineering Automation Report

“As always, you have done a spectacular job collecting information from around the world on our ever-changing industry. I commend you on the depth and breadth of your labors.”
Marina Hatsopoulos, Z Corp.

“It’s my owner’s manual to the RP industry.”
Todd Grimm, Accelerated Technologies, Inc.

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