Rapid Product Development Service Providers

In the following: AM = additive manufacturing, CNC = computer numerical control, EBM = electron beam melting, EDM = electrical discharge machining, DMLS = direct metal laser sintering, FDM = fused deposion modeling, MJF - Multi Jet Fusion, FEA = finite element analysis, LS = laser sintering, RTV = room temperature vulcanization, and SL = stereolithography. Unless otherwise noted, the following companies are based in the U.S.

For more information on service providers, see Wohlers Report 2018, an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.

  • Addaero Additive manufacturing of metal alloys using the EBM process for the aerospace, oil and gas, and medical industries
  • Advanced Manufacturing Services Rapid product development and LS and DMLS from EOS (Australia)
  • Aerosport CNC milling, SL, urethane casting, vacuum forming, fiberglass and composites, custom finishing, 3D modeling, industrial design, and mechanical engineering
  • Anubis 3D 3D printing for prototyping and short-run production using laser sintering (Canada) 
  • Aristo-Cast Producer of investment castings, including low volume prototypes and high volume production quantities in most alloys, including magnesium
  • Arptech SL, LS, urethane castings, CNC machining, and bridge tooling (Australia)
  • ARRK Product Development Prototyping, CAD/CAM, CNC, machining, fabricated prototypes, vacupressure molding, and complete product finishing
  • Applied Rapid Technologies Corp 3D design services, stereolithography, vacuum cast urethane parts, and rapid "bridge" tooling for injection molded plastics
  • Aspect Laser sintering services (Japan)
  • Automated 3D Modeling Rapid production of models from CAD systems suitable for prototypes and rapid tooling
  • Avid Product Development Electromechanical design, CAD, and prototyping and production parts using HP Multi Jet Fusion and FDM
  • Axis Prototypes LS, SL, urethane prototypes from rubber molds, and on-demand production parts (Canada)
  • Bastech CAD, engineering, SL, LS, plastic and metal reproductions, prototype tooling, and short-run injection molding
  • Bertrandt Wide range of services for the complete development of an automobile (Germany)
  • BLUEDGE Transforms computer-generated 3D models into real, physical objects
  • Brooks Technical Solutions Design, modeling, engineering, FEA, motion analysis, first article inspection, and technical documentation
  • CAM-LEM Uses a special lamination process to manufacture components, prototype molds, and tooling in metal or ceramic directly from a 3D CAD file
  • CA Models SL, LS, CNC, urethane casting, model making, tooling, plastic injection molding, and CMM inspection (Scotland)
  • The Casting Haus Perfactory casting patterns for the jewelry and medical industries (Canada)
  • C.ideas Many FDM machines; ABS, polycarbonate, and custom blended plastics; SL and urethane castings
  • citim Metal additive manufacturing, post-processing with CNC machining, and quality assurance with precision measurement devices (Germany)

Part produced in PEEK, courtesy of EOS

  • CY3D Printing Prototyping and production parts using color binder jetting, FDM, and laser sintering
  • df3d Design factory for 3D printing that allows you create your own 3D printing business using the Cloudf3d platform
  • Digital Mechanics AB FDM, PolyJet, LaserCusing, urethane casting, investment casting, and custom finishing (Sweden)
  • Dinsmore and Associates Product design, SL, LS, DMLS, FDM, PolyJet, CNC machining, injection-mold tooling, injection molding, and metal casting
  • Eagle Design & Technology Assist industry in the design/build process from, prototype to production
  • Engineering & Manufacturing Services (EMS) 3D printed parts from a color binder jetting machine
  • EoPlex High Volume Print Forming, a layering process of manufacturing small parts in ceramics and metals
  • 4D Solution LS, SL, 3D Printing, vacuum casting, and CNC machining (Germany)
  • Forecast 3D MJF, SL, PolyJet, FDM, DMLS, CNC machining, RTV tooling, and urethane castings
  • FIT Rapid fabrication of prototypes and short-run production of special parts (Germany)
  • GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services DMLS, PolyJet, LS, SL, FDM, urethane and metal castings, CNC machining, and other services
  • Halo Technologies 3D printing, prototyping, engineering consulting, and CAD design
  • IDELT Design, engineering, prototyping (SL, LS, and high-speed machining), tooling, urethane castings, reverse engineering, and other rapid product development services (Spain)
  • Innovax Parts for Russian aerospace and defense industry using equipment from Stratasys and Concept Laser (Russia)
  • InterPRO Online quotes for prototypes, as well as cast urethane parts, CNC, metal casting, and painted models for customer presentations
  • Ionic Models Scale models and prototypes from a binder jetting machine
  • Impression 3D CAD and 3D printing services for architects, designers, and others (France)
  • i3DMFG Prototypes and production parts using DMLS from EOS
  • Javelin Design, additive manufacturing, and related services (Canada)
  • Laser Innovations and Solid Imaging Third-party service and support of Coherent Ion laser systems and solid state laser system integration
  • Laser Prototypes Europe SL, LS, reaction injection molding, urethane casting, metal casting, short-run production, CAD, CNC machining, finishing, and painting (Northern Ireland)
  • LGM Full service model shop providing visualization products for architecture, development, and land planning
  • Make-Parts.com 3D printing, 3D scanning, and CNC routing and laser cutting
  • Make Parts Fast Stereolithography, PolyJet, FDM, binder jetting, CNC, and injection molding
  • Marco Polo Products CAD/CAM, laser sintering, SL, FDM, rapid tooling, and reverse engineering (India)
  • Materialise Mammoth stereolithography, LS, FDM, high-speed milling, vacuum casting, and Next Day service (Belgium)

Full-scale automobile instrument panel created 
on a Mammoth stereolithography system, 
courtesy of Materialise

  • Materials Solutions Specializing in parts made from high-performance metal alloys for aerospace, motorsports, and other industries (England)
  • microTEC Miniature stereolithography parts (Germany)
  • NYXperimental CNC machining, FDM and SL printing, RTV molds and cast urethane parts, working appearance models, and custom finishing
  • Omega Plastics Plastic injection molding, prototype tooling, bridge-to-production molds, and low volume manufacturing (UK)
  • The Outside Digital design consultancy specializing in the conception, development, and production of high-end consumer products
  • PartSnap Product development, PolyJet, urethane castings, and laser scannning
  • Pentagon Plastics Prototyping, 3D printing, SL, LS, injection molding, vacuum casting, and mold tools (UK)
  • PERIDOT Engineering service bureau that provides product and tool design and development
  • Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies Design, analysis, simulation, testing, rapid manufacturing, power systems, vacuum systems, medical devices, training, technical support, and software development
  • Powdered Metal Parts Part manufacturers featuring powder metal and sintered metal products
  • ProtoCAM Full service rapid prototyping service provider using a wide range of technologies and materials
  • Proto Labs Rapid injection molding, CNC machining, and 3D-printed parts
  • Proto Technologies Urethane casting; SL, CNC
  • Protosys Technologies Private Limited CAD/CAM, prototyping, RTV silicone rubber tooling, and epoxy tooling (India)
  • rapid prototype + manufacturing (rp+m) Engineering, design, FDM, binder jetting, SL, PolyJet, DMLS, LS, and AM materials development
  • RapiTech Rapid prototyping, tooling, metal casting, and reserve engineering for automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer, and other industries (India)
  • Realize SL, LS, and custom finishing
  • Ren Technologies India Ltd. PolyJet, color 3DP, SL, urethane castings, CNC machining, tooling, painting, CAD, and reverse engineering (India)
  • Schmit Prototypes Design, models, prototyping, and injection molded parts at one location

Nerve model produced on the Connex500, 
courtesy of Stratasys Ltd.

  • Sculpteo Upload your design or choose one from the community gallery for 3D printing (France)
  • Shapeways Place where you make your own 3D designs come to life using 3D printing (Netherlands)
  • Sherpa Design Design and development services including high-end modeling and drafting, data translation, prototyping, fabrication, and associative design tool development
  • SICAM Engineering, SL and cast urethane models and prototypes, rapid tooling, injection-molded parts, and offshore manufacturing
  • Solid Image 3D Printing Models and prototype parts at your facility or rent an additive machine by the day, week, or month
  • Solize A leading CAD, prototyping, and moldmaking service and sales (Japan)
  • Spring Srl Engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services (Italy)
  • Star Rapid Chinese service provider owned and managed by Gordon Styles of the UK (China)
  • Stratasys Direct Manufacturing FDM, PolyJet, SL, LS, CNC, DMLS, cast urethane parts, investment and sand casting patterns, tooling, and injection molded parts
  • Synergeering Group Laser sintered nylon parts from two EOSINT P 700 machines
  • 3D-CAM Design, SL, LS, rubber tooling, CNC machined tooling, aluminum epoxy tooling, Zap tooling, urethane casting, injection molding, QuickCast, and sand casting
  • 3D Creation Lab 3D printing services using binder jetting and material jetting machines (UK)
  • 3Dealise 3D sand printing, 3D scanning, and engineering (UK)
  • 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing Metal and ABS 3D printing
  • 3D-LABS Parts from Scan-LED Technology and multi-jet modeling, and surface finishing, coating, and other services (Germany)
  • 3D Product Development Integrated prototyping service provider with multiple facilities (India)
  • 3Faktur 3D printing for end-use parts and prototypes (Germany)
  • 3T RPD Functional and aesthetic prototypes using plastic laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering technology (UK)
  • ThatsMyFace.com Online facial analysis and FaceStatues, which are custom-made statuettes from a facial profile
  • The Technology House Project management, product design and development, engineering, and rapid prototyping
  • Tenere Manufactures prototypes and conceptual models using stereolithography and silicone rubber (RTV) molds for limited pre-production quantities
  • UMD Rapid Prototype Lab CAD modeling, SL, LS, FDM, binder jetting, and metal casting

For additional information on service providers, see Wohlers Report 2018, an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.