Manufacturers and Developers of Additive Systems and Materials

For information on system manufacturers and developers, see Wohlers Report 2017, an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.

  • Arcam Machines that use electron beam melting technology to produce metal parts from powder (Sweden)
  • Asiga Small Pico 3D printer that uses DLP and LED technology to solidify thin layers of photopolymer
  • Aspect Laser sintering systems (Japan)
  • Agilista 3D printer that jets photopolymer from Keyence (Japan)
  • BeAM EasyCLAD Systems (France)
  • Blueprinter 3D printer based on a Selective Heat Sintering technology (Denmark)
  • Carima DLP-based additive manufacturing system (South Korea)
  • CMET Stereolithography machines (Japan)
  • Concept Laser Selective laser melting systems (Germany)
  • DSM Somos Materials for additive systems
  • DWS Photopolymerization of wax-like materials (Italy)
  • Envisiontec Photopolymerization process based on layer-by-layer projection using Digital Light Processing technology
  • EOS EOSINT laser sintering machines and materials (Germany)
  • Essential Dynamics Material extrusion process that dispenses silicone, epoxy, organics, cheese, chocolate, and other foods
  • Evonik Materials for additive manufacturing
  • ExOne Powder metal and sand systems based on 3D inkjet printing technology from MIT
  • Fab@Home Open-source extrusion-based 3D printer developed at Cornell University
  • Fabrisonic Systems and services based on ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) technology
  • Farsoon Hi-Tech Company Laser sintering systems (China)
  • InssTek, Inc. Directed energy deposition process with 5-axis control and multiple powder feeds (Korea)
  • Lithoz CeraFAB system uses LED to cure ceramic-filled photopolymer (Austria)
  • Luxexel Develops and manufactures Printoptical additive manufacturing technology for the global LED lighting industry (Netherlands)
  • MakerBot Industries Version of the RepRap "open source" 3D printer

Part produced in ULTEM 9085,  courtesy of Stratasys

  • Matsuura Lumex Avance-25 additive manufacturing system that includes CNC milling (Japan)
  • Mcor Technologies Mcor Matrix desktop paper lamination system (Ireland)
  • MicroFab Technologies Develops and commercializes applications for microdispensing and precision 3D inkjet printing
  • Microfabrica Developing proprietary EFAB technology for creating micromachines and other miniature objects
  • MK Technology GmbH Vacuum casting system for making RTV silicone rubber molds and prototypes
  • OPM Laboratory (an affiliate of Sodick) Hybrid metal powder bed fusion with CNC milling
  • Optomec Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) direct metal deposition system
  • Prodways AM machines that use photopolymers, LEDs, and "moving DLP" technology (France)
  • ReaLizer Selective laser melting machines (Germany)
  • Renishaw Selective laser melting machines (England)
  • RepRap Open-source extrusion-based 3D printer developed at Bath University (UK)
  • RepRap materials Wide range of products from many sources
  • Sciaky Electron beam additive manufacturing equipment
  • Shanghai Union Technology Stereolithography systems (China)
  • SLM Solutions GmbH Selective laser melting machines (Germany)

Shoe sole models created on a system from 
Z Corp., courtesy of Reebok

  • Solidscape Inkjet printing systems used mainly for producing wax casting patterns (a Stratasys company)
  • Stratasys Fused deposition modeling (FDM) and PolyJet systems for prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing applications (Israel)
  • Tiertime Desktop and industrial 3D printers (China)
  • 3D Systems Stereolithography (SL), laser sintering, 3D printers, and materials
  • 3Geometry Laser-based additive manufacturing systems for producing sand molds and cores (India)
  • Voxeljet  Systems using 3DP technology from Z Corp. and MIT (Germany)
  • WindForm Aluminum, glass, and carbon filled powders for laser sintering from CRP Technology (Italy)
  • Wuhan Binhu Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. Machines based on sheet lamination, vat photopolymerization, and powder bed fusion (China)

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For information on system manufacturers and developers, see Wohlers Report 2017, an annual worldwide progress report on the additive manufacturing and 3D printing state of the industry.