A New Edition of RP's Most Comprehensive and Authoritative Resource

by Jeffrey Rowe

An independent review from MCADCafe.com

In the world of rapid prototyping there is an increasing amount of information available on the topic, but nothing comes close to the authoritative and comprehensive nature of the annually-updated Wohlers Report produced by Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates, along with an army of 49 individuals from 18 countries. The newest edition, Wohlers Report 2002, is the latest edition of this excellent resource. This worldwide progress report covers the rapid prototyping and tooling state of the industry.

The 250-page publication includes 25 charts and graphs, 23 tables, and 87 photographs and illustrations. It is organized into the following sections:

Whatever your involvement in rapid prototyping, Wohlers Report 2002 is an outstanding information and analysis resource and a very worthwhile investment. This book has something for everyone, and every reader will have a much better understanding of rapid prototyping and tooling for making more informed decisions. As in the past, I highly recommend it.

Wohlers Report 2002 is priced at $395 ($425 outside the U.S.), including shipping. An Executive Summary of Wohlers Report 2002 is available free of charge for getting a overview/preview of the vast material contained in the full report.

For further information on the Wohlers Report 2002: http://wohlersassociates.com; 970-225-0086