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Doug Collins

May 15, 2022

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I am having a hard time processing it. At 48, Doug Collins, design and additive manufacturing expert, died on May 1 of a sudden cardiac incident while mountain biking near Loveland, Colorado. He was founder and former owner and head of Avid Product Development of Loveland. He will be missed by many.

Doug and I became good friends over the past several years. He helped with two of our design for additive manufacturing courses in Frisco, Colorado, and contributed to Wohlers Report 2022. He and I spent time together skiing/riding and mountain biking, and he was an expert at both. In addition to the outdoors, Doug had a passion for design and manufacturing and making his customers and people around him happy.

Everyone I know that knew Doug loved the guy and so did I. His smile and upbeat attitude were contagious. He set an example of how to be a professional and friend. My heart goes out to his wife, Leslie, and his family and friends at Avid. We miss you, Doug.

Lessons Learned After 35 Years in Business

April 20, 2022

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The following is some of what I learned over my years in business. It is not comprehensive, so perhaps I will do “Part 2” at some point in the future. In the meantime, I hope you find the following useful.

Treat everyone with respect. You may not agree with someone’s views, but that is not an excuse to be disrespectful. Be kind to others and remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Luke 6.31

Give credit where credit is due. It is sometimes easy to take credit for someone else’s work. Almost without exception, recognizing someone’s work results in a win-win for them and you.

Be honest with everything you do. I cannot say more than this.

Improve communication skills. Most professionals communicate regularly. Constantly hone your writing, speaking, and listening skills. You and your organization will be judged on how well you come across.

Don’t be wasteful. More than ever, we need to recycle and reduce our trash and carbon footprint. I believe most of us want to leave a healthy and happy planet to our kids and their children.

Consider the upside. It is sometimes easy to be negative. Looking at the upside to an otherwise unpleasant situation is admired by others and can be contagious.

Exercise daily if you can. A good workout can help the mind as much as the body.

See the world. Meeting people in other places can be inspiring. Also, it gives you a better appreciation of others and their ways of life. It can result in an improved perspective and outlook.

I hope these eight lessons help. I do my very best to apply them every day and hope you will too.

End-to-End AM Workflow

October 4, 2021

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By Noah Mostow

Additive manufacturing (AM) is not a one-step process. The manufacturing workflow for metal PBF parts can include 10-15 distinct steps and operations. Each one requires tracking and documenting to maintain a record of activity and efficient workflow. As production scales, something would inevitably get lost without a well-developed and proven system.

Companies in the AM industry are developing and adopting manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions for workflow management. MES platforms help plan and monitor every step in the process. These tools will help 3D printing develop into a reliable manufacturing process and expand into the mainstream. Like order tracking at Domino’s Pizza, companies can monitor the entire workflow of AM parts using MES.

Many small companies have little tracking beyond Excel. In a recent conversation with the CEO of a solutions provider, the executive said the cost for companies to adopt MES is not significant.

Over the past few months, the industry has seen excitement around MES solutions. Materialize acquired the option to buy Link3D, a cloud-based MES company, in July 2021. 3D Systems acquired Oqton in September 2021 for $180 million. At last month’s RAPID + TCT 2021, Markforged released its Eiger Fleet software, a platform for scaling AM operations. Wohlers Associates believes that most users will somehow be impacted by these and other MES offerings in the future, resulting in significant improvements in the AM workflow.

Character and Integrity

March 12, 2017

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Character and integrity define a person. People for which I have the most respect have a lot of both. They are true to their word and you can trust they will do what they say. A number of long-time friends and business associates fall into this category. As time passes, I value them more than ever. I do not always agree with their opinions, but my admiration for them remains strong.

We need to do our very best to set an example for others. We cannot waiver or give in to temptation when times become difficult. We need to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Honesty and following through on promises and commitments are vital. People with good character and integrity gain the respect of others and are happier.

A Note from Tim Caffrey

November 13, 2010

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Note: Thanks to Tim Caffrey, associate consultant at our company, for writing the following commentary.


I met Terry Wohlers in 1994, at the head table of the plenary session of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ RP&M ’94 conference, as it was called back then. I was presenting the state of the technology at Boeing, in Seattle, where I ran the in-house Rapid Prototyping Center. It was the largest crowd I’d ever addressed, and though I’d rehearsed my presentation and knew my material intimately, I was nervous.


To Terry, on the other hand, presenting to several hundred people in our nascent industry was old hat, even back then. He held the room’s attention as he carefully and calmly summarized his opinions on the technologies and companies that made up this young but vibrant industry.


Five or six years later, Terry and I corresponded over the once popular rp-ml list server. He was looking for someone to assist him with the Wohlers Report and I was trying to grow my “moonlighting” business in technical writing and editing. With my combination of experience in the additive manufacturing industry and in technical writing, I turned out to be the person for the job.


The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve worked with Terry on his report for 10 years now, edited and updated his CAD textbook for the past six years, and reviewed, edited, and offered my analysis and opinions on many other projects he’s done. Over the years, we’ve forged an enviable working relationship. I am continually impressed by his work ethic and attention to detail.


We’ve now entered a new phase in that relationship, as indicated by last month’s announcement. To help Terry manage his time and workload, my responsibilities with Wohlers Associates have expanded. I am looking forward to a range of new opportunities and intend to apply the same level of hard work and exacting detail that Terry demonstrates.


So, now that I’ve introduced myself informally, please feel free to send me an e-mail to say hello. My address is

Welcome to Wohlers Talk

February 23, 2003

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Welcome to the first installment of Wohlers Talk. Its purpose is to give readers snippets of information that I hope are of interest. Many of the postings will relate to rapid product development, but I will occasionally venture into other areas. I hope that you enjoy this addition to the site and return regularly.