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Doug Collins

May 15, 2022

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I am having a hard time processing it. At 48, Doug Collins, design and additive manufacturing expert, died on May 1 of a sudden cardiac incident while mountain biking near Loveland, Colorado. He was founder and former owner and head of Avid Product Development of Loveland. He will be missed by many.

Doug and I became good friends over the past several years. He helped with two of our design for additive manufacturing courses in Frisco, Colorado, and contributed to Wohlers Report 2022. He and I spent time together skiing/riding and mountain biking, and he was an expert at both. In addition to the outdoors, Doug had a passion for design and manufacturing and making his customers and people around him happy.

Everyone I know that knew Doug loved the guy and so did I. His smile and upbeat attitude were contagious. He set an example of how to be a professional and friend. My heart goes out to his wife, Leslie, and his family and friends at Avid. We miss you, Doug.