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Leno’s Garage

February 15, 2015

Filed under: 3D printing,additive manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 19:02

I had the great opportunity of visiting Jay Leno’s garage about three weeks ago. I first visited it in August 2009 and was very impressed by Leno’s rare, restored, and expensive collection of 128 cars and 100 motorcycles that he had at the time. In some ways, I was even more impressed by the most recent visit. The vehicles, all of which Jay drives, may well be the largest in the world. And, it’s not getting any smaller or less valuable.

I brought with me several 3D-printed gifts for Jay to keep. One was a topology-optimized titanium cabin bracket from a major aircraft manufacturer. I like the design so much that I almost kept it, but I gave it to him. Another was a window crank handle for an antique car (see the following image) that was redesigned and 3D printed in aluminum. Both are beautiful designs. Another part I gave to Jay was a metal impeller with paper-thin fins. I also gave him an investment casting pattern for a small two-cycle cylinder head, as well as a sand core for an intake manifold.


The tour was excellent, but the time we spent discussing 3D printing was cut short, unfortunately, because we arrived late. Jay and his staff are aware of 3D printing and they even had a machine for a while. The team works extensively with unique and hard to find metal parts, so metal 3D printing is of interest to them. Thanks to Bob for the inspiring tour and to Bernard (garage manager), Jim, and Per for meeting with us. Thanks also to Jay for letting us through the door.