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Favorite Products of 2013

February 1, 2014

Filed under: review — Terry Wohlers @ 16:39

A number of products stand out from others. The following are my favorites from the past year.

HTC One: This outstanding smartphone offers a large screen, yet is light, thin, and sleek. The camera takes images that are as good as those taken with my Canon camera. I usually get one or two days of use out of a single battery charge, and the second SIM card slot lets me use GSM networks when traveling to Europe and elsewhere.

Epson Scanner: We purchased the WorkForce DS-30 document scanner for $99 at Office Depot in December. It is fast and simple and the image quality is very good. The USB cable supplies the power, so there’s no need for a power cord. The unit is very small and light, making it easy to carry with you.

Evernote: This software product helps you organize your personal and professional life. Whether it’s creating check lists for travel or for logging conversations tied to vehicle maintenance, it works well and it is simple. It syncs to the cloud so all of your notes go with you when you leave the office. Best of all, it’s free.

Rossignol Boots: The Alias Sensor 120 ski boots are sharp, comfortable, and warm. What’s more, they are responsive when initiating turns, so they help make a mediocre skier a little better.

PdaNet: I chose this app as a favorite in 2007 and I’m choosing it again. A one-time price of $15 turns your Android smartphone into a broadband modem for your laptop or desktop computer. It has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. And, it has allowed me to connect to the Internet wherever there’s a cellular phone signal, even when traveling down the highway. If you’re tired of paying for Internet access at airports and hotels, get PdaNet from June Fabrics.

If you have a favorite product or service, please pass it along. I would like to hear about it.