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One Second After

March 3, 2013

Filed under: life,review — Terry Wohlers @ 17:48

One Second After is about electromagnetic pulse (EMP), a weapon that could make all others pale in comparison. According to author William Forstchen and others, EMP could devastate a large geographic region, even the entire USA.

EMP is created from a burst of electromagnetic radiation, usually from a high-energy explosion, such as a nuclear bomb. When the explosion occurs over a region, EMP causes all computers, computer-controlled machines and devices, and other products that include solid state electronics to fail. This means cars stop on roads and highways, planes fall out of the sky, and all electricity and communications come to an immediate halt.

One Second After is fictional, but it is based on what could potentially occur if a nation does not take the necessary precautions. Forstchen believes the USA is vulnerable to an EMP attack, and he laid out in vivid detail the possible consequences. The story is set in a small town in North Carolina where a man fights to save his family. The detail is gripping.

EMP has been discussed by Congress and the Pentagon. Politician Newt Gingrich discussed the threat in the book’s Foreword. The Wall Street Journal cautioned that it could shatter the USA. I know little about EMP, except for what I learned in this book, but it sounds very serious. I am hopeful that our national leaders and experts are taking the necessary steps to prevent an EMP disaster.

One Second After is incredibly interesting and engaging, and I highly recommend it.