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The White House’s Tom Kalil

February 5, 2012

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Tom Kalil is Deputy Director of Policy at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Kalil is on leave from the University of California, Berkeley, where he served as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Science and Technology. In 2007–2008, Kalil was the Chair of the Global Health Working Group for the Clinton Global Initiative. Previously, Kalil served as the Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Technology and Economic Policy, and the Deputy Director of the White House National Economic Council.

Over the years, Kalil has led many White House technology initiatives. Examples are the Next Generation Internet and the National Nanotechnology Initiative. He has also addressed the growing imbalance between support for biomedical research and for the physical sciences and engineering. Clearly, he has many achievements to his name and is well connected and respected.

Tim Caffrey, associate consultant here at Wohlers Associates, and I had the opportunity to meet with Kalil at OSTP in mid-December 2011. In preparation for the meeting, we tried to do our “homework” on Kalil and his interests in engineering and manufacturing in general and additive manufacturing and 3D printing in particular. What struck me most about Kalil is his understanding of AM and his appreciation for its potential impact on design, innovation, entrepreneurship, business, and advanced manufacturing. His passion for the DIY maker community is depicted in his September 29, 2010 opening remarks on innovation, education, and the maker movement at an NSF-sponsored workshop held after Maker Faire New York.

I am encouraged by Kalil’s views, opinions, and focus and where Washington would like to help take U.S. science and technology in the future. We are lucky to have an individual like Kalil who understands the power of design creativity and business opportunities that are being unleashed by AM. Also, he knows many of the top thinkers and opinion leaders in additive manufacturing, the maker community, and STEM education. Tim and I did not spend time explaining the technology or its impact. He gets it. Instead we could concentrate on what needs to be done and how our nation might get there.

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