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A Note from Tim Caffrey

November 13, 2010

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Note: Thanks to Tim Caffrey, associate consultant at our company, for writing the following commentary.


I met Terry Wohlers in 1994, at the head table of the plenary session of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ RP&M ’94 conference, as it was called back then. I was presenting the state of the technology at Boeing, in Seattle, where I ran the in-house Rapid Prototyping Center. It was the largest crowd I’d ever addressed, and though I’d rehearsed my presentation and knew my material intimately, I was nervous.


To Terry, on the other hand, presenting to several hundred people in our nascent industry was old hat, even back then. He held the room’s attention as he carefully and calmly summarized his opinions on the technologies and companies that made up this young but vibrant industry.


Five or six years later, Terry and I corresponded over the once popular rp-ml list server. He was looking for someone to assist him with the Wohlers Report and I was trying to grow my “moonlighting” business in technical writing and editing. With my combination of experience in the additive manufacturing industry and in technical writing, I turned out to be the person for the job.


The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve worked with Terry on his report for 10 years now, edited and updated his CAD textbook for the past six years, and reviewed, edited, and offered my analysis and opinions on many other projects he’s done. Over the years, we’ve forged an enviable working relationship. I am continually impressed by his work ethic and attention to detail.


We’ve now entered a new phase in that relationship, as indicated by last month’s announcement. To help Terry manage his time and workload, my responsibilities with Wohlers Associates have expanded. I am looking forward to a range of new opportunities and intend to apply the same level of hard work and exacting detail that Terry demonstrates.


So, now that I’ve introduced myself informally, please feel free to send me an e-mail to say hello. My address is