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$2.5K to $95K Cars from Tata

May 10, 2008

Filed under: life,manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 13:44

In January 2008, Tata Motors of India unveiled its $2,500 automobile. It is believed to be the least expensive production car anywhere. The car is expected to reach Indian consumers in October. Click here to see the interior and exterior of this small, no-frills car. According to Wikipedia, the car has a 623 cc rear engine with fuel economy of 22 km per liter (52 mpg) in the city and 26 km per liter (61 mpg) on highways.

Tata Motors announced in March an agreement with Ford Motor Company for the purchase of Jaguar Land Rover. The transfer of ownership is supposed to occur by the end of Q2. At that point, Tata will offer the lowest and some of the highest-priced production cars on the market. The Jaguar XJ series list for $65,000 to $95,000. Click here to see the interior and exterior of this luxury automobile.

It will be interesting to see whether a car company, such as Tata, can handle such breadth in automotive products. The Jaguar Ford “marriage” did not work out, so maybe Tata can do better.


  1. The Tata concept is way, way, WAY overdue. This sort of car should’ve been a marketplace staple since 1950 (the VW Beetle was a comparable product), but instead car manufacturers have been too busy fixating on style rather than substance. (Naturally, it’s a foreign company doing it, as American companies have become pathetically self-referential and technologically stagnant.)

    The U.S.and indeed, most of the worldis designed around the automobile. Our idiotic government calls driving a “privilege” (so that they can pass more moronic laws and harass innocent people simply trying to live their lives), but if driving is a “privilege,” then so are breathing, speaking, and eating: our entire civilization is dependant on the automobile.

    So, a car that makes driving affordable (both in its cost and fuel consumptionand why are we still using the internal combustion engine, anyway?) will enable millions (billions?) of souls to participate in civilization who heretofore have been unable. It’s both a great product and a great contribution to the world.

    ‘Course, the pathetic guardians of the status quo will probably sabotage their plants or create even more labyrinthine laws which will make it impossible for the Tata to ever roll out in the Western nations. (But lawsuits and impotence are the American way, so God bless America and support the troops and all the rest of that nonsense.)

    Comment by David_Brennan — May 18, 2008 @ 18:14

  2. This $2,500 Tata automobile looks very similar to the $11,590 Smart Car, which has finally arrived in the USA this year.

    When I was departing Europe, I saw the Smart Car on display at Schiphol International airport in Amsterdam. That was around 1994. Mercedes and Swatch developed that vehicle. The USA version of the Smart Car is a Mercedes, but is being distributed by Penske Automotive Group. Perhaps Mercedes did not want something so tiny in their showrooms.

    It will be interesting to see how Tata carries the Range Rover and Jaguar brands. I suspect that unless they add the TATA brand to the car, as AMF did with Harley Davidson, the employees will continue to do what they do and be happy to bring home their checkbook.

    Maybe Tata could also pickup the Hummer from GM??

    Comment by ULarryO — June 18, 2008 @ 10:43