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Google Maps

November 10, 2007

Filed under: Internet,review,travel — Terry Wohlers @ 20:48

I’m a big fan of Google. If I need to find something quickly, Google is my search engine of choice. It even works as a spell checker for cities, famous people, and so on—names that may not be in a dictionary. Want to check the spelling of Zambezi (as in the Zambezi River in Africa)? Just enter it into Google and it will suggest an alternative spelling if it’s incorrect.

Over the past year, I’ve found Google Maps to be an excellent tool. Previously, I would use MapQuest, but not anymore. Google Maps is better. If I need to find a map or location, it’s a few seconds away. When trying to locate a soccer field in Denver, Colorado, I entered the cross streets “Oxford Ave and Lowell Blvd” into MapQuest. It needed more information, so I entered “Denver.” Still not enough information. It wanted the state or postal code. In Google Maps, I entered the cross streets—nothing else—and it found the location. And, it displayed a map immediately. No need for additional clicks.

Want to know where Palm Cove, Australia is located? Just enter Palm Cove. Google Maps will immediately display a map of the small village. Want to view it as a satellite image? Just click the Satellite button and you’ll get a beautiful picture. Where is Palm Cove in relation to Cairns, Brisbane, and other cities in Australia? Just drag the slider bar to zoom out and a new view appears quickly. And, if you wish, click and drag the current view to pan around. For me, the tool is very useful. If you’re not familiar with Google Maps, give it a try. You probably won’t go back to MapQuest.