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Google Alerts

October 1, 2007

Filed under: Internet,review — Terry Wohlers @ 12:48

I bumped into a guy recently at an industry event that had the following to say: “The single most important piece of information I picked at this time last year was the availability of Google Alerts.” The tip came as a response to a question from a CEO that asked, “What can users of 3D printing do to stay up-to-date and educated on some of the latest announcements and events in our industry?”

I’ve been using Google Alerts for years. The free service works like this: At, indicate the term(s) that you’d like to have the service track for you. You can indicate the frequency (as they occur, daily, or weekly) and ask that it consider news, blogs, video, or groups. Or, you can request that Google follows all of these categories. Google then emails to you a link to the web page that contains the term, along with a couple lines from the page that includes the term.

Google Alerts is one of the most useful web-based tools. The fact that it is free is surprising to its users. It is easy to use and the information it uncovers is invaluable. It’s like having an army of researchers at your disposal, around the clock, seven days a week. Even they would not be able to canvas the world in such detail and breadth.