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The Pros Have Tarnished a Great Sport

August 31, 2007

Filed under: entertainment,life — Terry Wohlers @ 18:35

Fall is in the air and football season has arrived. I’ve been anxiously waiting for months. American football is arguably the most exciting sport on the planet, although some outside the U.S. may disagree. It’s college football that really gets my blood pumping. Life doesn’t get much better than watching an in-state rivalry such as the Colorado State University Rams and the University of Colorado Buffalos go head to head. Kick off between the two is tomorrow at 10:00.

Professional football can be thrilling to watch too, but some of the players take the fun out of it. Michael Vick is one of them. Another is Travis Henry of the Denver Broncos. Henry is listed as the starting running back ahead of Cecil Sapp, a standout from Colorado State.

Henry has reportedly fathered nine children by nine women in at least four states, including Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Can you believe it? I didn’t, until I did some research. What’s more, he is unwilling to support them without a court order. Yet, he spent $100,000 on a new Mercedes and $146,000 on gold jewelry. Henry has a $25 million contract with Denver and a base salary of $50,000 per month.

Highly visible players, such as Henry and Vick, are often “worshipped” by kids of all ages, which is horribly sad. These athletes are not setting the kind of example that I want my kids, or other kids, to follow. The majority of pro players are likely fine people, but it’s the “sour grapes” that leave such a bad taste in my mouth. And, that’s a big reason why I prefer college football over the pro version of the game.

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  1. Terry, totally agree with your feelings on the role of sportspeople. A role model is a role model is a role model. When people in that position decide to opt out, the only option for the organisation supporting them is to get rid of them. Social responsibility is an integral part of being a member of society.

    On another point: You are sadly deluded if you think American football is the most exciting game on earth! Australian Rules football is undeniably the single most exciting game on the planet. We are just entering our Finals series where 8 teams now play off for a spot in the Grand Final. I invite you to tune in, or if you’re ever down in Australia to drop me a line and I will take you along to the greatest game on earth!

    Comment by michael.johnson — September 6, 2007 @ 22:23