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The Future of the U.S. and China

July 31, 2005

Filed under: future,life,manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 08:07

Most of us have read articles about the rise of China and its impact on the U.S. An article I read recently presented the subject in alarming perspective. Robert Malone’s Fortune Cookie column in the June 2005 issue of Managing Automation magazine really makes you think about where the two countries are headed. The one-page article is available here

Malone notes that civilizations come and go, and the normal ascendancy is about 200 years. Historians suggest that those living within a declining civilization are usually unaware of the gradual decline. In our case, “we are wandering along in our arrogant fog worrying about stem cells, the Ten Commandments, and steroid use in professional athletes,” Malone states.

Malone goes on to say that China has long held a position of wanting world hegemony, an attitude that goes back thousands of years. “It’s a rather frightening position: There is room for only one nation to be in charge and that nation is China,” Malone states. “The key to world dominance ever since the industrial revolution is industrial dominance pure and simple,” Malone continued.

Malone is principal of Robert Malone Associates and former editor-in-chief of Managing Automation.