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3D Printer Stars in TV Show

January 22, 2005

Filed under: additive manufacturing,entertainment — Terry Wohlers @ 15:54

I’m not a fan of the popular CSI: NY television crime drama, but I did manage to watch most of one episode. The part of interest was the ZPrinter 310 from Z Corp. It was used in the show by forensic investigators to produce, from x-ray scan data, a replica of a bullet lodged in a horse. It aired on December 1 and again on January 19 on CBS. Deb Cole, associate producer of the show, was fascinated by the technology when she discovered it. 

“We were looking for a story line for which we could use a 3D printer because the technology provides strong visuals—an important part of the show,” Cole explained. “As soon as the script we developed called for the use of the 3D printer, we contacted Z Corp. Depending on the response we receive, we may continue to use the 3D printer in upcoming episodes as a standard tool in our crime scene investigators’ high-tech bag of tricks.”

The inclusion of 3D printers and RP systems on mainstream television shows will introduce the concept to millions of viewers. If only 1% are engineers, that’s thousands of customer prospects. CSI: NY actors referred to the device as the “ZPrinter,” which is good for Z Corp. and for the industry.