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Lucky to Live in America

October 9, 2004

Filed under: life,travel — Terry Wohlers @ 11:28

I like to travel and so does my wife. We enjoy exploring other regions of the world, meeting the people, and experiencing the differing ways of life. While many travelers dread the thought of overseas trips, I look forward to them, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Near the end of most trips, I cherish the thought of returning home. I’m currently having those thoughts as I wing my way over the Atlantic after a week-long journey. I’m thinking about the excellent food and service that we often take for granted. And while the U.S. dollar doesn’t go as far as is used to, most products and services in the U.S. are quite affordable. We complain about high gasoline prices, but they are nothing compared to Europe and many other parts of the world. I replaced three-quarters of a tank of fuel in a rental car in the UK and it came to $73.

Our universities, elementary and secondary schools, and hospitals are among the best in the world. Our transportation systems and state and federal governments are not perfect, but they are as good or better than most. A large number of us have spacious homes, two or three car garages, high-speed Internet access (at work and in our homes), multiple televisions, and cash to dine out.

What’s more, Americans are determined to succeed and are able to pursue their dreams. People from other countries have similar ambitions, but governments, cultures, and other obstacles often make it difficult for them. I recall a German friend explaining to me the headaches, hassles, and costs associated with starting a very small software company in Germany. Not the case in the U.S. At any moment, one can launch a company (a sole proprietorship) with no applications, paperwork, requests, or government approval.

As much as I like to travel and enjoy the many pleasures of visiting foreign lands, there’s no substitute to home. And very soon, I’ll be there.