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Growth is in the Forecast

October 23, 2004

Filed under: CAD/CAM/CAE,future — Terry Wohlers @ 08:25

“This year will be good for the economy, and 2005 will be better,” said John McEleney, president of SolidWorks Corp., in a article published in the September 16, 2004 issue of Machine Design magazine. McEleney reported that companies are spending more and updating CAD systems to support their launch of new products. If he is right, rapid prototyping (RP) sales should also do well, which is consistent with the forecast published by Wohlers Associates. The RP industry is expected to grow from $529 million in 2003 to $586 million this year, according to Wohlers Report 2004. In 2005, the industry will top $655 million, the report states.

McEleney went on to say that a growing world economy, due to higher prices, mass customization, and a migration from 2D to 3D within design departments will influence growth. Four of five 2D users, he claims, will be using 3D soon. In January 2003, 38% of design data was sent and received in a 3D format, McEleney said. One year later, that number increased to 51%. He did not indicate the types of individuals or organizations that participated in the survey.