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$39,900 InVision Product

November 23, 2003

Filed under: additive manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 20:01

On November 13, 3D Systems announced a price of $39,900 for its InVision product. This came as a surprise because company officials had strongly hinted at a $60,000 to $75,000 price range. The announcement is good news for companies wanting to own a machine that produces photopolymer parts. Standing to lose the most from the news is Stratasys and Objet Geometries, assuming that InVision runs reliably and produces decent parts. In September, these two companies announced an agreement that was sure to be a win-win partnership. The deal gave Stratasys the exclusive distribution of Objet’s Eden333 machine in North America. The basic operation of Eden is similar to 3D’s InVision product. Both jet and harden photopolymer using ink jet printing technology and UV light. Eden builds much thinner layers and produces a superior surface finish, based on recent observations. However, it’s unclear whether this advantage is enough to successfully command a price tag that is nearly 3x the price of InVision. Stratasys is selling Eden333 for $115,000 and may need to lower it to compete. Will Objet and Stratasys adjust the price? Stay tuned.