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“America’s Manufacturing Base is Under Attack”

September 1, 2003

Filed under: future,life,manufacturing — Terry Wohlers @ 11:31

“Did you know that we’ve lost more than two million manufacturing jobs since October 2000, and that many of these high paying positions are being shipped overseas to China?” These words were written by the Manufacturing Coalition, a non-profit group that was founded earlier this year to bring together suppliers, trade associations, manufacturers, and individuals who are concerned about the future of American manufacturing.

The mission of the Manufacturing Coalition is to promote an understanding of the critical role manufacturing plays in the economy of the United States. The idea of the coalition came from a series of conversations between Joseph Smith, publisher of Machining magazine, and various political figures and key executives in the metalworking industry. Joseph Smith co-founded the organization with David Smith, an individual who has held director level executive positions with top publishing companies in the U.S. such as McGraw-Hill and Time Warner.

I’m glad to see people, such as Joseph Smith and David Smith, help to create awareness of this very serious problem. The U.S. is currently on pace to losing most of its manufacturing base, including the talent and capabilities that go with it. When we no longer have tooling and other manufacturing expertise within our borders, will we send the designs of our planes, missiles, satellites, and other military and defense systems to Asia for manufacturing? Frightening thought, huh! You can learn more at

Another effort, called Save American Manufacturing (SAM), was launched in December 2002 by the Chicago Chapter of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA). For more information, read the commentary below titled U.S. Manufacturing is a Disappearing Act and visit