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Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH

July 12, 2003

Filed under: education,event — Terry Wohlers @ 11:14

The Computer Graphics Pioneers is a loosely organized group formed in 1982 to provide historic continuity and a medium for exchanging recollections of the development and application of computer graphics. Membership is open to anyone who has participated in the computer graphics industry for at least 20 years. The organization is sponsoring projects that foster learning. A recent project, led by pioneer David Kasik of Boeing, is the “Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH” program for high school students. Each student is being assigned a Pioneer mentor to help them discover and understand as much as possible at SIGGRAPH, an annual computer graphics exposition that is being held July 28-31, 2003 in San Diego. 

This program is an excellent opportunity for students to experience a week that could be life-changing. It’s the kind of activity that organizers and affiliates of other expositions should consider. Imagine that if a similar student program would have occurred 10 years ago at rapid prototyping events. Kids that were then 16 would now be 26 and in a position to influence RP purchases. It surely would have helped develop and shape the RP industry in positive way. 

If you are interested in getting involved in a similar student program for an upcoming RP or related exposition, let me know. I am interested in helping.

To learn more about the “Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH” program, contact David Kasik at Thank you, David, for your efforts.