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Precision STL-Based CAD/CAM

March 22, 2003

Filed under: CAD/CAM/CAE,machining — Terry Wohlers @ 08:03

MecSoft Corporation recently announced the availability of its VisualMill Basic 4.0 product for $550. The product is also being bundled with Rhino from Robert McNeel & Associates for $995. These are two excellent products with a loyal customer base. VisualMill Basic offers 3-axis, solids, surface, and STL milling and includes DXF, IGES, and other CAD imports, as well as a configurable post processor.

Bill Morgan of Vintage Industries has used VisualMill to machine more than 150 molds. He exports STL files from his CAD software and imports them into Magics Tooling for the creation of mold data. He then imports the STL data into VisualMill and machines it. He previously used MasterCAM but found VisualMill to be easier to use and more productive. Morgan said that he routinely produces precision data with resolution of up to 0.0025 mm (0.0001 inch) from STL models.

Products such as PowerMILL from Delcam, Surfcam from Surfware, and DeskProto from Delft Spline Systems also import STL data.