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Industry Education Partnership

March 16, 2003

Filed under: education — Terry Wohlers @ 08:34

There is an on-going need for industry professionals and educators to exchange time and resources. In the areas of technology, engineering, and manufacturing education, industry professionals have so much to share. A few ideas: Guest lecturing to classes, hosting company tours, and providing ideas for lab projects. Meanwhile, with summer a few months away, educators have an excellent opportunity to gain industrial experience at a local company. This first-hand experience can spawn ideas and create new material for classroom and laboratory work.

If you are an instructor or professor, I urge you to seek out a company that is willing to employ you for the summer. If you are an engineer, technician, or manager from industry, don’t hesitate to explore options at secondary and postsecondary schools in your area. The satisfaction of contributing to the future of our youth can be incredibly rewarding.