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Manufacturing Creates Wealth

February 28, 2003

Filed under: life,manufacturing,travel — Terry Wohlers @ 07:45

When visiting Beijing, China, in August of last year, I was surprised by the changes that had occurred since my last visit in 1998. I saw high tech parks popping up, fewer bicycles on the streets, European cars on college campuses, and more money being spent by practicing professionals. It became clear to me that China is a country that is busy creating wealth through manufacturing. When will our policy makers in Washington understand that it is the production of products that creates wealth? Flipping burgers doesn’t do it.

At MoldMaking Expo 2002 in Chicago last year, it was said that more than 100 moldmakers in the Chicago area went out of business during the previous year. Where do you suppose most of this mold work has gone? You guessed it!