DfAM Expert Panel

DfAM Expert Panel

This group of experts will offer opinions and perspectives on AM, and answer questions from the course participants.

Doug Collins
Avid Product Development

Doug Collins is the principal owner of Avid Product Development. As a mechanical engineer for 21 years, Doug embodies a passion for AM and product development.

Olaf Diegel
Wohlers Associates

Olaf Diegel is an educator and practitioner of rapid product development and engineering. He has an excellent track record of developing innovative solutions to engineering problems.

Steve immel

Steve brings more than a decade of AM experience having worked for 3D Systems, Materialise, and Jabil Additive. Immel manages Jabil’s Additive Manufacturing Lab and projects for mass customization and medical devices.

Charles Overy

Charles Overy is director, CEO, and owner of LGM. He specializes in using AM for architectural modeling and mesh geometry processing for 3D printing.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

Terry Wohlers has worked as an industry consultant, analyst, speaker, and author in the AM industry for more than 32 years.