Wohlers Report 2000

Rapid Prototyping & Tooling State of the Industry
Annual Worldwide Progress Report

About the Report

Wohlers Report 2000 is a 227-page report developed with input from 37 industry experts, 44 service providers, 23 machine manufacturers, and countless others worldwide. It includes 28 charts and graphs, 26 tables, and 82 photographs and illustrations. This annual report has established a tradition of offering high-quality analyses that cover all facets of rapid prototyping, including business, product, market, technology, and applications. 

The softbound publication focuses on many important elements of rapid prototyping and tooling, including the industries being served, applications, revenues, unit sales, and forecasts. It also provides current information on trends with regards to service providers, advanced approaches to tooling, machine manufacturers worldwide, RP stocks, and new developments in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The report covers research and development activities, trends in CAD and the Internet, materials for rapid prototyping, medical modeling, and reverse engineering. The report concludes with a review of the future of rapid prototyping, where it's headed, and what to do.

What Others are Saying

"Very easy to read. It gave me just what I was looking for."
       Douglas Freitag, Bayside Materials Technology

"Whether one is thinking of purchasing an RP device, checking into the sales of a particular company for investment purposes, or just desiring more information, Wohlers' report delivers at every level."
      Joe Greco, Desktop Engineering Magazine

"It is very comprehensive, well organized, and well written. We will be pouring over the details for some time to come."
      Mike Rynerson, ExtrudeHone

"The section on rapid tooling is particularly interesting. Wohlers systematically looks at all the competing technologies on the market today and provides detailed information on how to best apply each of them."
      Engineering Automation Report

"As always, you have done a spectacular job collecting information from around the world on our ever-changing industry. I commend you on the depth and breadth of your labors."
      Marina Hatsopoulos, Z Corp.

"It's my owner's manual to the RP industry."
      Todd Grimm, Accelerated Technologies, Inc.

How to Order

In the U.S., the report is now available for $259 (normally $345), which includes Priority Mail shipping. To order one or more copies, please provide your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express number and expiration date by fax or phone, or send a check to:

Wohlers Associates, Inc.
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Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 USA

For orders outside the U.S. please provide your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express number and expiration date by fax or phone. The price for orders outside the U.S. is now US$296 (normally US$395), which includes Global Priority Mail shipping. Credit card payment is required.

An order form, table of contents, and a list report contributors are available.

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