Press Releases

  • December 2013
    Olaf Diegel Joins Wohlers Associates
  • November 2013
    The Use of 3D Printing for Final Part Production Continues Impressive 10-Year Growth Trend
  • October 2013
    Annual International Wohlers Conference at EuroMold to Focus on Business and Investment Opportunities in Additive Manufacturng and 3D Printing
  • May 2013
    Wohlers Report 2013 Reveals Strong Growth in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • May 2013
    Wohlers Associates Publishes 2013 Report on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Reveals Trends
  • September 2012
    International EuroMold Conference Focuses on Metal Parts from Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • May 2012
    Wohlers Associates Publishes 2012 Report on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • October 2011
    International EuroMold Conference Features Design Innovation from Additive Manufacturing
  • May 2011
    New Industry Report on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Unveiled
  • October 2010
    Wohlers Associates Strengthens Relationship with Industry Veteran Tim Caffrey
  • September 2010
    International EuroMold Conference Focuses on the Business Impact of Additive Manufacturing
  • May 2010
    First CEO Summit Held in California
  • May 2010
    New Industry Report on Additive Manufacturing
  • September 2009
    EuroMold International Conference Focuses on The Future of Additive Manufacturing 
  • May 2009
    New Industry Report on Additive Manufacturing Finds Significant Growth Opportunities in Direct Part Production
  • September 2008
    EuroMold Conference Concentrates on the Factory of the Future
  • May 2008
    New Study Reports $1.1 Billion Market for Additive Fabrication Products and Services
  • September 2007
    EuroMold 2007 Conference to Focus on the Custom Manufacturing MegaTrend
  • August 2007
    Wohlers Voted #1 Most Influential Person
  • May 2007
    Wohlers Report 2007 Finds Extraordinary Growth in Additive Fabrication
  • September 2006
    EuroMold 2006 Conference to Highlight Future Applications of Additive Fabrication
  • May 2006
    New Report Reveals Solid Growth in Additive Fabrication
  • February 2006
    RP4Bagdad Completes First Leg Prosthetic
  • October 2005
    EuroMold 2005 to Uncover Future Industrial Applications of Additive Fabrication
  • September 2005
    Wohlers Report 2005 Finds Strong MCAD Growth
  • May 2005
    New Industry Study Reports 33% Growth of Products and Services in Additive Fabrication
  • September 2004
    OEM Companies to Participate in Global Event in South Africa
  • September 2004
    EuroMold 2004 to Spotlight the Future of RP for Conceptual Design and Series Production
  • August 2004
    Wohlers to Keynote TCT 2004
  • June 2004
    Wohlers Report 2004 Uncovers Nearly 5 Million CAD Solid Modeling Seats Worldwide
  • May 2004
    Wohlers Report 2004 Finds Unprecedented Growth in Low-End Rapid Prototyping Machine Sales
  • May 2004
    Wohlers Receives Honorary Doctoral Degree in South Africa; Also Serves as Keynote Speaker at Graduation Ceremony 
  • October 2003
    EuroMold 2003 to Feature Conference on Worldwide Advances and Setbacks in Rapid Prototyping
  • October 2003
    Wohlers Associates Supports Rapid Product Development Event in South Africa
  • September 2003
    Wohlers to Keynote International Conference in Portugal
  • May 2003
    Wohlers Report 2003 Reveals Mixed Results, Impressive R&D
  • October 2002
    South Africans Invite Wohlers to Keynote Conference
  • October 2002
    Wohlers to Chair TCT 2002 
  • August 2002
    EuroMold to Feature Conference on Worldwide Advances in Rapid and High-Performance Tooling
  • August 2002
    Wohlers to Discuss Rapid Prototyping in Beijing, China
  • April 2002
    Wohlers Report 2002 Uncovers Exciting Developments, Disappointing Growth
  • April 2002
    Wohlers to Deliver Rapid Prototyping & Tooling State of the Industry Executive Update 
  • February 2002
    Wohlers to Discuss Developments that will Forever Change the Moldmaking Industry
  • December 2001
    GARPA Members Meet in South Africa and Germany
  • October 2001
    Network Television to Feature Rapid Prototyping
  • September 2001
    Wohlers to Keynote Conference in South Africa; Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations (GARPA) Scheduled to Meet at Event
  • August 2001
    Wohlers to Outline A Winning Formula for Product Development Evolution at TCT 2001 in Manchester, England
  • August 2001
    EuroMold to Feature Conference on New Developments and Trends in Rapid Prototyping
  • May 2001
    Wohlers Report 2001 Reveals Growth Figures and Forecasts in the RP Industry
  • October 2000
    EuroMold 2000 to Feature Roger Spielman of Boeing's Rocketdyne
  • August 2000
    EuroMold 2000 to Feature International Conference on Rapid Production 
  • April 2000
    Wohlers Report 2000 Finds Encouraging Growth in the Rapid Prototyping Industry
  • July 1999
    EuroMold '99 to Feature Conference on Rapid Tooling's Benefits & Risks
  • May 1999
    21 Industry Experts Contribute to New Report on Rapid Prototyping and Tooling
  • April 1999
    New Report Finds Rapid Prototyping Market in an Alarming Slump
  • May 1998  
    Global Summit Focuses on Rapid Prototyping in 13 Regions of the World
  • February 1998  
    New Report Finds 34% Unit Sales Growth in Rapid Prototyping Industry
  • April 1997  
    Rapid Prototyping Industry Produces $421 Million, Up from 1995's $295 Million
  • March 1997  
    Rapid Prototyping Industry Grows by 46% to 2,243 Installations Worldwide, With 763 Systems Sold in 1996
  • April 1996  
    New Industry Report Finds 49% Growth in Rapid Prototyping Market ... Reaches $295.1 Million with 526 Systems Sold in 1995
  • October 1995  
    Rapid Prototyping on Track for Unprecedented Growth As 1995 RP Unit Sales Soar
  • August 1991  
    Rapid Prototyping Developments on the Increase: Desktop Manufacturing Will Become a Reality in the 90s