Industry Briefings

In the past, Wohlers Associates published industry briefings a few times annually. The following were published and are kept for archival reasons.

Briefing Focus Wohlers Talk Feature
August 2013Additive Manufacturing Industry Growth 3D Printed in China
February 2013 Additive Manufacturing Process Categories 3D Printing at Retail Stores
July 2012Personal 3D PrintersWhy Most Adults Will Never Use a 3D Printer
March 2012 The Future of Additive Manufacturing Jim Kor and His Car
September 2011 DIY Maker Movement Carl Bass and IDEAS
June 2011 Service Providers Universities Create Wealth
July 2010 Revenues from Additive Manufacturing Changing a Name
February 2010 Direct Part Production from AM James Cameron Uses 3D Printing
September 2009 Additive Manufacturing System Producers Shapeways
July 2009 Additive Manufacturing Around the World Additive Manufacturing Roadmap
March 2009 Direct Digital Manufacturing 3D Printing at SolidWorks World
October 2008 Top Picks by Service Providers Worldwide Medical Modeling
September 2008 Years of Impressive Growth Autodesk is Now the Giant
June 2008 Additive Fabrication is a $1.1 Billion Market Lack of Engineering Graduates?
March 2008 The Future of Additive Fabrication Technology Most People Cannot Design
October 2007 Industries Benefiting from AF Technology Design and Manufacturing in the Future
September 2007 Rapid Manufacturing: The Next Frontier Layer-at-Once Plastic Sintering
May 2007 3D Printer Sales Driving Industry Growth Will Fab@Home Succeed?
February 2007 Growth of 3D Printers New Products at EuroMold
November 2006 How Companies are Using Additive Processes The Future of Additive Fabrication
September 2006 Additive Fabrication Around the World Cosmic Modelz
June 2006 Solid Growth in Additive Fabrication Rapid Manufacturing
January 2006 Industry Growth Soars's Resolution
November 2005 Worldwide Appetite of Additive Fabrication Always Room for Improvement
July 2005 Strong Industry Growth Growth of Rapid Manufacturing
March 2005 Future of Rapid Prototyping Rhino and its STL Tools
December 2004 "Industry growth trends" Growth is in the Forecast
August 2004 "Growth of CAD solid modeling, 3D printing" --
May 2004 "Industry growth trends" --
January 2004 3D Printer Sales Have Been Hot An Explosion of Metal-based Systems
September 2003
Adoption of RP Around the World
Company Execs that Share the Pain
May 2003 Machines at Service Organizations RP&M 2003 Exceeded Expectations
December 2002 Industry Growth --
September 2002 -- --
May 2002 Number of Models Being Produced --
March 2002 Industries Being Served --
September 2001 -- --
June 2001 -- --