Industry Briefing

June 2001

A few times a year, I would like to share with you new information on rapid prototyping (RP) that you may find useful to your work and research. The following are a few facts from a market study that was recently completed.

RP system sales grew to a record high last year. Twenty-three system manufacturers worldwide sold 1,320 RP systems in 2000, compared to 1,178 in the previous year. This represents an increase of 12.1% and a cumulative total of 6,755 machine installations in 58 countries. What’s more, these systems produced a staggering 3,004,006 models and prototype parts last year.

This information was taken from Wohlers Report 2001, a new 250-page publication developed with input from 53 industry experts, 43 service providers, 23 machine manufacturers, and countless others worldwide. The new report became available recently.

The report discloses that North America continues to dominate the use of rapid prototyping worldwide. At the end of last year, more than 45% of all RP machines were installed in this region of the world. Among other regions of the world, Asia/Pacific has shown strong gains. At the end of 2000, 28.6% of the total worldwide installed base of machines was in operation in the Asia/Pacific region, compared to 24.6% in Europe, according to estimates published in the report. Details on the report are available at


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