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February 2007

Growth of 3D Printers

Wohlers Associates estimates that Stratasys, Z Corp., 3D Systems, Objet Geometries, Envisiontec, and Solidimension sold 3D printers valued at $100.2 million in 2005. This is up 35.2% from the $74.1 million in 3D printers sold in 2004, although down from the 99.5% growth in 2004.

In unit sales, most 3D printer manufacturers had a solid 2005. The graph at shows the impressive growth in recent years.

3D printers account for 70% of all additive systems sold in 2005. This is up from 66.8% in 2004. Meanwhile, 3D printers represent 44.3% of all additive systems installed worldwide through the end of 2005. This is up from 37.9% in 2004, 30.7% in 2003, and 25.8% in 2002.

Several indicators suggest strong growth for 3D printers over the next several years. If the worldwide economy remains relatively strong, an estimated 15,000 3D printers are expected to sell annually by 2010, according to Wohlers Report 2006.

Note: The previous information was excerpted from Wohlers Report 2006. A detailed overview of the report, as well as additional information on the market and industry, are available at

Wohlers Talk: New Products at EuroMold

EuroMold 2006 was held November 29 – December 2 in Frankfurt, Germany. The large trade fair consisted of nearly 1,700 exhibitors from 45 countries spread across six exhibit halls. More than 60,000 people from 72 countries attended. Several new products were introduced.

  • EOS unveiled its €150,000 FORMIGA P 100 laser sintering system, as well as its new EOSINT P 730 and EOSINT P 390 systems.

  • Envisiontec introduced its Perfactory Desktop system for €30,000. Also, it showed an epoxy resin, as well as a UV machine that uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

  • Voxeljet, a sublicensee of Z Corporation’s 3DP powder/binder technology, showed a machine that produces parts as large as 850 x 450 x 500 mm in PMMA. The machine was running and building parts and they looked good.

  • MCP displayed impressive aluminum and titanium alloy parts and introduced its SLM 100, a smaller and lower cost metal fabrication system that is listed at €250,000.

  • Next Factory exhibited a faster stereolithography machine, as well as a much larger system that it is currently being tested.

  • Objet Geometries distributed sample hearing aid shells produced on its PolyJet system. The photopolymers are said to be safe for long-term skin contact.

EuroMold is arguably the most important trade fair on rapid product development technologies and applications in the world. And, it is the biggest. Increasingly, companies are using it to launch new products and services—a good reason to attend. EuroMold 2007 is December 5-8.

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