DfAM Expert Panel

DfAM Expert Panel

This group of experts will offer opinions and perspectives on AM, and answer questions from the course participants.

Carolyn Seepersad
The University of Texas at Austin

As a professor of Mechanical Engineering, Seepersad conducts research in the development of methods and computational tools for engineering design and additive manufacturing.

Phill Dickens
Added Scientific

As a leading light in AM, Phill was one of the first proponents of 3D printing in the UK and beyond. He was the first to show how rapid prototyping could be used as a process for manufacturing end-use parts and demonstrated the economic viability of the approach. This formed the basis for modern additive manufacturing.

Jonas Eriksson

Jonas has 28 year experience in aerospace manufacturing and many years in AM. Jonas works with process development, process control, and part production at the Siemens AM Center of Competence.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates

Terry Wohlers has worked as an industry consultant, analyst, speaker, and author in the AM industry for more than 32 years.